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vision time life efforts peace happy God

People complain over how they struggle day by day to make end means. I used to do that before especially when i have little time to rest. Sometimes i have to sleep just 3 hours because i need to wake up and pray; wake up and read; wake up and write.

There are times i will have so much headache as a results of not having enough sleep. The day i got to know that to make it in life, you have got to give your time to that vision that was the day i stopped complaining and decided to enjoy the process; when i lack rest i create time to rest well; i try to finsh up my work earlier to go home and take some sleep; i try to manage my time knowing fully well that my vision also needs time.

When that vision starts unfolding; you wont be remembering those sleepless nights; those painful time you inputted; what you will remember most is that you can see that vision coming to past…

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vision time life efforts peace happy God
Anne Nwakama


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