You Can Be Better

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Anne Nwakama

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Don’t let anyone fool you that nothing good can come out of you; that’s a lie from the enemies; you can be better there are always room to be better; you can flee away from those addictions, that suicide, that loss; because that room lies in you; you have got a say to your life to say NO to certain things that was not meant to be. Yes you made those mistakes, yes you had a massive loss, yes they all now lies in the past because you are willing to be better; whatever it takes to be better you should want it; this decision shouldn’t be mere talk you have to give it a meaning by staying strong to get what you want from life. By the time things starts getting so good for you; those who saw you as a failure, who mocked you right in front of you will be the one coming to you to ask how you did it so they can try what you did to solve their own problems and be better. There is always a room to be a better person always. Don’t let anyone deceive you with bad tag on you.

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