We Met Online & He Promised Me Marriage

 We met online & he promised me marriage
Anne Nwakama

Dear Poster, Two things are involve here 1. I will tell you that is very common when you meet a guy online for those who know what am saying; and i don’t blame you for falling in love with who is not inlove with you or someone you havenot seen. You really don’t know this guy and can’t you see it is putting you through emotional saga. Please dear opt out of love from this kind of man; you don’t know him you only fell in love with his person maybe his face, personality, sweet words and so on. Please opt out so that a real man can find you mbok. There is nothing wrong in finding a man online what went wrong is falling inlove with someone who wasn’t real with you. 2. Sometimes the guy yes maybe a player, he may like you alot but he is not ready for that serious relationship or he can’t handle a good woman yet and that’s why he has not cut you off; but for this moment opt out dont push him to invite you to his place so he doesn’t sex you and you will have to forget about marriage & chasing up to keep him first. #hearttohearttv


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