Three (3) positive ways of releasing the shackles of unforgiveness in your life!

Unforgiveness is a spirit and one thing the devil has used to hold down human beings on earth;

To forgive someone who has hurt us bitterly, who made us feel miserable and angry for so many years  or you are battling to forgive yourself seems very difficult and challenging but there are three positive ways you could practice and release yourself from the shackles of unforgiveness. [READ – 1 Rooted Reason Why Relationship Fails].



  • Make a checklist of the people you need to forgive in your life: Make three columns in a sheet, Column 1 – List all the people in a sheet of paper even if they are no more alive which includes forgiving yourself especially from mistakes you have made in the past, forgiving those who  hurt you and forgive that one person you feel you would not ever forgive.
  • Column 2 – List the thing that hurt you most they did to you.
  • Column 3 – List your reaction to them if they also need to forgive you. [CLICK TO READ the 15 Proven signs that he is not interested].


  • Release your heart from Forgiveness: In “Matthew 6:14 – 15 – The bible says for if you forgive others their sins against you, your heavenly father will also forgive you but if you don’t forgive others their sins, your father would not forgive your sins”. The word of God is very powerful if the God we serve can state how forgiveness is paramount to mankind, why would not we forgive. Furthermore the spirit of unforgiveness can lead to so many illness like high blood pressure, chronic chest pain and depression.  It can affect your thought negatively about innocent people and finally it would block God’s blessings in your life. Release your heart sincerely and remove the ego setting in between you and them by forgiving all those mention on the list above in column 1, forgive all they did to you in column 2 and forgive yourself in your reaction you did to them and Column3. If it means pleading for their forgiveness.

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  • Maintain healing and happiness in your heart: You may need to call this people and apologize or settle the issue with them, while some you forgive them sincerely even before they know then don’t forget to forgive yourself. The power of releasing from unforgiveness once healed a woman suffering from stroke, after she chooses to forgive her husband who caused the death of their only child, she regain herself and sustain things that made her happier in her heart.[MUST READ – 10 Ways To Deal With An Abusive Relationship].

Finally Read Ephesians 1:7 (KJV) says In Whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s Grace.

When you forgive you attract more Grace from God for his blessings.

I pray God give you the heart to release yourself from this shackles.

Anne Nwakama

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