Theme of the Month : March, 2018

God humility pride secure relationship marriage
God humility pride secure relationship marriage
Anne Nwakama

Humility is a powerful tool that assist you build a stronger relationship that’s if you know how to use it; am happy that this month is a special month to me and the teaching will be on a particular topic I practically counsel a lot on indirectly on a daily basis; because most people base their lives on confidence and pride then it makes them behave far from being humble and you are putting their relationship at risk.

The word HUMILITY was created by God; then gave it all to man; the bible showed us the reward of humility also showed us the end result of pride. For the purpose of this teaching; we would be looking at : 1. Understanding the role humility plays in our everyday life. 2. Why do people forget to use the trait “HUMILITY”.
3. What God term as Humility in Marriage: Proverbs 11:22 says When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.
4. 5 Ways humility can make you the best husband : This would secure your relationship with God, your spouse or partner, your family, your colleague, friends and environment.
5. 10 Ways & Benefit of being a Humble Wife
6. 5 Steps to find your way back to being humble.


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