Respect Your Spouse Than the Money You Make



Anne Nwakama

Whether you are a man or you are a woman; never let the money you acquire make you disrespect your spouse. Recently I notice some client I get at the back end; find the money they make as a better security than their spouse. Listen what God want from your marriage is companionship and fruitfuless; God is more fulfilled when you decide to take up the decision of being married and willing to stand and do all you can to respect your vows. The best security you have is your beloved spouse. Money you acquire can never be compare to the gift God has blessed every marriage with, you may be going through hard times but those hard times shouldn’t make you lose your focus; money may be available today and tomorrow is scarce on your hand; what you would have left is that spouse you refuse to respect. Don’t look down on your spouse on what they can offer you, the commitment to your marriage they offer should be adore and respected; respect your spouse in the public or in private, the more you respect your spouse despite the condition of your pocket, the more the love they have for you grow.

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