Recognising God’s Assigned Partner

Anne Nwakama

This is one of the most sensitive part of every human life is knowing a true life partner, people meet different people all over the world  but amongst all its a good thing to find a partner but finding a good one is the best. Most people find a soulmate some call it like minded person while some sees it as being compatible, all as mentioned may either be right or wrong but in deeper sense finding a soulmate, like mind or compatible person is more like finding a perfect match, there is nothing like a perfect match because people originate differently with different ideas, values, norms and vision which makes it more meaningful and fruitful to recognise God’ assigned partner. [DONT miss the 5 Mistakes Singles Make In Attracting The Wrong Partner.]


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God assigned partner is that one person who attain several attribute of God’s own kind of love.

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  1. Fear of God : This kind of partner knows God’s words and decides to stay with God’s commandment, knowing God’s words is different from living with God’s commandment, a real partner has the capabilities to handle both effectively.  there is no way you will be totally fulfil as a believer to yoke with someone who cannot keep God’s commandment.  most people ask the question : How do we know they geninuely do God’s commandment? THE ANSWER is by their fruit you shall know them.  before you know a true God assigned partner for your life, you must be willing to also understand God’s principles in choosing a life partner, the kind of life partner you accept in your life determines how far you would reach in life, if you really want to attain higher in life you should be willing to pray and select according to the will of God in your life. [Quotes : Marry a good hearted partner.]
  2. Readiness : This is mandatory in recognising God’s assigned partner, you will be ready in all ramifications in sense that in terms of your morals, spiritual life, physical life, mental life, financial life and other forms of attitude then you will know that your mind is ready to accept that God’s kind of partner in your life. Having done alot of prayers and you are still not ready may slow down so much in your life so that’s why you should be ready and because you are ready it will be easier for you to recognise a true God’s own kind of partner, you might have falling into many wrong hands but when you choose to put some attitude right if it means checking from your past relationships and past life styles some bad habits or attitude you need to change please do so. It will prepare your mind to accept that Godly partner, no true man or woman want to stay with a partner who is not prepared to accept them as their future partner. [CLICK TO read on How To Overcome Atelophobia In A Relationship].
  3. Attraction : Definitely there should be an attraction, some men are attracted by what they see,feel and think while some women are attracted by the words or action of a man. partners are attracted for different reasons in life, but the best way of attraction to a man should be her kindness and meekness read the story of Rebecca from the bible chapter of Genesis 24 which totally draw your mind to her kind and submissive heart while for a woman the attraction should be derived from his true love for God, if he geninuely loves God and practice God’s principles he would be able to show you love.
  4. Maturity : A partner who is well equipped spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, physically if not ready you will see how his or her plans are been strategize and working towards achieving those plans. Another forms of Maturity people ignore is the willingness to learn new things and let go easily, it is no point to frown to new things because you feel it’s against your wishes, embrace new ideas, a God’s assigned partner doesnot even hesitate to learn more about its opposite sex just to be able to cope and live happily if they eventually get married. A matured partner easily forgives especially when the other feels very sorry for the wrong they did.
  5. Respect: From the onset the respect for their partner wouldnot be hidden, it is not fear it is called respect for their partner which has to be mutual. It is vital to show respect to that one person you love even when things are beginning to feel down or bad do not lose the respect you’ve for someone you love if you must keep them. Remember no one is perfect not even you, I advise you know this attribute as one way to recognise a true partner to attain a lasting peace together.
  6. Communication: Good communication saves alot of bad thought and enhance your friendship,  a partner who sees you as his or her close friend and being very truthful to you about who they really are, what they do and their desires in life are worth keeping.


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7. Abstinence : A real partner who really wish to build true love and trust in his or her home would resist the devil and wait till marriage, this is where the devil penetrate the children of God most. Romans 6:23  sin ends in the same way that could be spiritual death or contact diseases or unwanted pregnancy but a partner who understand all of the lust and pleasure then decide to wait till the right time is one ordained from God. I hear people say that how about if he cannot perform and what about if she over used herself before now how will I know. Trust your God in truth and in spirit he wouldnot give you what you do not deserve or what you cannot handle.

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8. Integrity : This God’s own partner is willing to protect all true morals and personality of christ and of himself, he or she is not willing to jeopardise the integrity God is taking time to build for him or herself.

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9. Future Plans : This assigned partner has a future plan and carry you along in their future plans, sometimes they may not tell you all especially for the men who do not talk much but I must tell you that if you see the signs that him or her is carrying you along in him or her future plans then you need to stay patient and keep praying for the will of God to finally be manifested.

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10. Evaluation : Evaluate this point without skipping anyone or get partial on your partner’s real person, sketch all in a checklist and thick, if your partner can have number 1 then other 4, if there are challenges that you feel you cannot deal with; pray and see a counsellor to guide you in recognising God’s assigned partner for yourself so when such partner comes you will embrace them and when it is not of God’s wish give way for such partner to leave your life for the right one to step in.

God’s assigned partner is intriguing because it reveals every details of what you should be seeing in your partner before you get convince in your decisions.


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Anne Nwakama

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