Our Love Story is One in A Million – As Ofem & Atu Tie the Knot Nov. 2018

Ofem and Atu wedding
Anne Nwakama

Our Love Story is One in a million, We kept on growing in the relationship and became best of friends.

We had our tough moments. Very very challenging moments that will make us break up on Friday and reconcile on Sunday. Sometimes he will be like I’m not doing again and I’ll tell him to feel free and go that I’m also tired of doing. But two days later we will come running back.

It was not always rossy. We had fights. Deep intense fights but one thing happened. We were quick to make amends. We chose to look on the brighter side of the relationship. We first of all built friendship. The friendship was built on openness and communication.

We talk about everything and anything no matter how small. We did amebo over the phone like we were present.

We have watched each other grow from nothing to something. He has grown into everything I can ever want in a man. I have a friendship that I couldn’t have asked for.

When we decided to get married, I didn’t have double mind about spending the rest of my life with him. He completes me. I’m so happy to be walking walking down this road with him.

So today I bring it to you that we’re getting married next month. I’m excited and very happy for indeed love has called my name.

You’re all invited.

This is the wedding hashtag #bestfriendswedding.





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