One Step Ahead of Flaws & Dissappointments in A Marriage

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Anne Nwakama

Flaws and disappointment are cousins in marriage; if not handle with care; it could affect the goals and purpose of you both as couple being together; flaws are shortcomings; deficiencies or limitations of one spouse which blinds their strength and make their effectivemess deficient. No matter how perfect a marriage seems to be; they got flaws that’s because no one is perfect; they only try to repair and polish the imperfection to make it perfect.  Flaws often lead to disappointment in marriage because one spouse try to place very high expectation without not letting the other know what theor expectation is; when those expectations are not meant it lead to disappointments. READ and SHARE the 10 Common mistakes singles make & get carried away with.

Release yourself from shackles of unforgiveness.

When one is disappointment that’s when you hear a spouse say am hurt, am heartbroken, am in pains, you will be so bittered, filled with resentments which end up causing lot of chaos and become difficult to amend. KNOW & Share  – Life without men is like a cup of tea without sugar.

From today; you have to be one step ahead of the flaws and disappointments in that marriage. DONT MISS the best steps to healing from heartbreak.

A couple I met few years back complained so much of how they both revenge on any thing they do for each other; one of the couple said the other started it and couldn’t change so the spouse pick up that same attitude in pains. Simple ways to mend a possessive relationship.

  1. Check your expectations : Are your expectation real? If no you need to set real expectations that are achievable; you can’t do that alone; you need to involve your spouse; If your spouse is continually disappointing you, it may not be his or her actions; it may be your expectations; check and readjust them; having it in mind with those real expectations they may still come short of them. Useful article to stop singles from getting confuse.
  2. Unspoken Rules to spoken expectation : Everyone comes into marriage with a set of unspoken rules about life; in as much as you don’t want to hurt your spouse you have to communicate with him or her; don’t ever keep unspoken rules in your mind and expect them to behave in that manner. It isn’t fair to create unspoken rules for your spouse and then get annoyed when they aren’t followed. Learn easier ways to communicate without bugging your partner.
  3. Stop Assuming continue to communicate: If you stop assuming and start communicating, you’ll be less irritated, there would be less blames disappointment and  and remain more in love with your spouse. 7 Important easier ways to resolve issues with your partner.

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