One of the Oldest Written Quote by Anne Nwakama: Woman Who Walk in Purpose

Walk in purpose light opportunities chase women
Walk in purpose light opportunities chase women
Anne Nwakama

This is one of my best earlier quote; the most widely spread and used quote; i wrote when I was 19years; I was quiet young but I knew being a woman you have got various opportunities but it was wise to stick to the right side of life.

This quote helped me alot; whenever I read it; I feel so buttered because walking in your purpose is one of the most challenging areas for many, some start and back out while some are not willing to give up.

There are times I felt like letting go of my dreams but I find myself trying to climb back on track.

Every woman should be on that lane saying I WILL NOT GIVE UP on my purpose in life.

10years after I wrote this; I realise through google search that so many writers have picked up the quotes; digest it and make use of it on their websites or write up citing the writers name with beautiful comments from audience.

Am glad that just this quotes travelled round the world to touch lives; as we celebrate the International Women’s Day I want you to TAG or SHARE with a woman you feel this could inspire.



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