Must Men Cheat?


Must Men Cheat – Treat or Trick by Anne Nwakama Ft. Tina Ben [Heart to Heart TV]

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Cheating is no news to men, so many times men are faced with accusations or warning signs on cheating. The questions a lot of people like Steve Harvey, Shmuley Boteach (Author) ask is why do men have to cheat? Are there things women are doing that is making them cheat? Nevertheless this is not healthy. its more like abc. if you cheat on someone you love the nemesis is always there waiting.
In the house today we have TIna Ben who is the Founder of Tina Ben Foundation, she is also the Convener of Beautiful Hearts and she is a business lady.

I came across Rabbi someday and she said ; Men, and husbands cheat, Women and wives on the other hand also commit Adultery, Infidelity.. As a Wife it is true that your husband may not be 100% faithful to your Marriage; he might be watching porn and feel lust out there.

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In this short clip Tina and I have been able to speak your mind, its  love season and couples should think of romance, leave ego aside, not thinking of himself but think big of how to show the partner love this season.

Its not by education, it is a  lifelong learning, a strong advice from matthew hussy on his dating advice for women also spread  that even if cheating occurs then there should be next action.

Tina spoke on what men want and how to attract men this love season. When you meet a guy; to get the guy you need to be sincere so he will like you, make him love you.

Hey women always stay tune to get more tips for women on flirting tips, texting, calling, how to talk to men, love, advice and how to grow in your relationships.

infidelity or cheating hurt please have a change of heart to be faithful to that partner who is patient with you in all and remember to say am sorry with a Gift.

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