Learn 4 easy ways to communicate without bugging your partner

annepearl14In most relationships, frequent communication without any aim at several intervals within a day could be very distracting to an individual especially when it occurs continually.

There was a story of a man who was so much in love with a lady he met in the church, he had intention of settling down with the lady but after he proposed marriage to her, she developed an habit of calling the man every hour, this man became furious and distracted from his busy day life, he couldn’t cope with it and discuss with her severally, finally he got irritated and decided to cut off the marriage proposal.

There are certain 4 easy ways to communicate without bugging your partner;

a. Understand your partner’s  schedule: When you understand your partner’s schedule, you would know when you can communicate with your partner and when not to, some partners do not like distractions while busy with a very crucial schedule or work. if you go ahead to distract like yelling, shouting or greeting as at when concentration is required, this may lead to anger or disrespect. so remain conscious of understanding your partner schedule and ensure you let your partner know the reason why you wish to know their schedule so you don’t have to call when they are busy, Learn to respect their private time and leisure time they wish to spend with friends and family.

b. Trust and Patience: Always trust your partner in their daily ways of life except you see a face to face attitude why you need to mistrust. when you trust your partner it would give you confidence that they would call you when they are less busy. Sometimes you may call your partner but he or she would tell you am busy and I will call you, be patient enough to calm and wait for their call as promised.

c. Some discussion should be at a later date: Know what to discuss with your partner while they are busy and what to discuss at a later date, never mix up both, there are some discussions you know are meant to be face to face discussion why starting it up at work just to distract your partner if you really love them.

d. Engage in achieving your goals: You also have your set out goals, engage your time in achieving your goals, create other means of making time for your leisure to excite yourself.


You need to know that communication may not flow like you expected like expecting calls in the morning, afternoon and night everyday, communication is only a branch of LOVE and not static, you should be able to control the time to call and not to call your partner for a smooth relationship sake.

Always remember the four (4) easy ways to communicate without bugging your partner, this would increase the respect they have for you and also mold the trust and love to be solid.


Anne Nwakama

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