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Is Sex OK on the First Date Anne Nwakama I Relationship Talk Heart to Heart TV

The debate on if you should have sex on the first date is never-ending, but this reasoning may just lead you out of the single girls club or falling into a heartbreak, we are still worried about whether it’s OK for two consenting adults to have sex on the first date, but here we are having Ms. Gift Ekanem Gift Ekanem (Ms. Persian Hair) and Mr. Daniel Uche Daniel Uche(Media Consultant) at the Heart to Heart TV studio speaking on their opinions if sex is ok on the first date. The lady feels the guy will devalue you while the guy feels he has spend alot for you and it does not really matter.
Rosiray Ekanem
The language used is in Nigeria Pidgin:

Questions i get that triggered me to make this pidgin talk was that people will surely feel free to speak their minds whenever a topic like this is displayed.

The comment session is open for you to drop your comments, advises and opinions to this discussion.

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