How to Fix a Broken Relationship Episode 2- Anne Nwakama

How to Fix a Broken Relationship Episode 2-Anne Nwakama [Heart to Heart TV]

Its a long process sometimes to save a relationship from breaking off so as the relationship can take another shape.

In Episode 1 in the link below:

We discussed more that you will surely see some signs before a break up; i gave some processes to you which has a lot to do with reasoning and reflecting back on the relationship; please WATCH it so you can understand this Episode 2.

I decided to break this into Episodes for better clarity and it is important to stay tune to this TV to WATCH the Episodes 1-5 so you can keep the process on until you see positive results.

Break up comes in different ways and in my years of counsel and experiences of breakup have heard which is why you should WATCH the Episode 1 and 2 now.


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