Heart to Heart Coaching – He Used My Money to Buy A Car for His Girlfriend; Should I Forgive?

forgiveness heart to heart coaching counsel

I know what it takes to put someone in mind; I know what it takes not to forgive because have being there; I know what it takes for God to forgive you; I had a discussion with a client that had a terrible heart break about her husband’s attitude who collects money from her and use it to buy a car for his girlfriend; when he got caught he started begging; he has being begging her since January, 2018.

Her question is she want to forgive but another part of her is saying he will do worst later? If you keep giving that negative thinking water it will keep it on in your mind; forgiveness is not for the weak; it is for the strong for those who knows what God says that if you don’t forgive others I won’t forgive you; if God doesn’t forgive us what more do we need from life?

Like we discuss; the beginning of you finding peace within your self and in your home is to forgive; forgive him from your heart; there was a time in my life I said I had forgiving but deep down I had not; i still had it in mind and it was eating me up; until I forgave within myself before I became better.

Make your decision wisely and I will keep this question open to the house???

She wants to feel better; what can she do in this situation even when the husband is still apologizing for his wrong and there is a second mind saying that he might do worst?

Fam, let’s have your opinions below 👇👇👇

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forgiveness heart to heart coaching counsel
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