Heart to Heart Coaching – He is not Saying Anything About Marriage; Am Fustrated.

wasting intentional time change mistake love smart
wasting intentional time change mistake love smart
Anne Nwakama

A client asked

I have been in a relationship for 6 years plus and my partner get angry each time I discuss about marriage; he is working; he has built a house for himself; he has other women which I try to ignore and act as if they don’t exist; he has still not change.

Am thinking of leaving the relationship because am kind of frustrated.

I personally discussed with the client at the back end; there are questions you should ask yourself;

  1. What was the relationship about from the onset; were you just friends; were you both dating; where you just fling; what transpired?
  2. Why were you staying up with his cheating nature without complain; was it normal?
  3. Do you think he will change his mind to marry you? If yes when ? If no then what?
  4. What exactly do you want for yourself?
  5. Do you want to keep up in this frustration or you want freedom?

but here we are fam; it is good you leave your opinion for her; it is good you are helping someone out who feels they need help.

Please leave your opinions for her regarding this relationship 👇👇👇




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