Heart to Heart Coaching – Do We Still Have Women Who Can Wait to Get Married Before Sex?

heart to heart tv heart to heart coaching love peace
heart to heart tv heart to heart coaching love peace
Anne Nwakama

Heart to Heart Coaching – When a man ask this, am sure he must have seen a lot but i will keep this question for audience to answer; you will also see my opinion below.

The ratio of the good ones to the bad ones is like saying 70 to 30; the 70 is for those who can’t stay while the 30 is for those who can wait until after they are married; those that can wait; decides to wait base on certain circumstances they have faced or some are still virgins.  waiting is a decision and if one chooses not to bend that decision it’s your choice because a man who really want you will not go because you choose not to have sex from the beginning but a man who want you just for games will do all he can to have you.

Dear Brother, we still have very reserve women who know the essence of keeping their body till after marriage; most know Jesus and are in search of good men also who are willing to wait; if you wish to meet with one; you have to get more closer to God; be patient with God in your search because you will find her.

One error I observe and will like to correct; Please guys when you meet a woman you like don’t keep testing her; some test and expect pass; there are test that results to failure. If you do care about her keeping her body then encourage her and pray with her.p

Fam; do we still have women who will do relationship without requesting for sex????

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