Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women's Day
Happy Women's Day
Anne Nwakama

I am a Woman made from a Man
I grew to be strong & weak in some areas
I  have compassion; but could be mean
I know some other unique women
I have felt pains and gains
I identify my vision & working to get there
I dream of a better life yet face challenges
I refuse to give up because I believe I can
I am a nurturer with caring passion filled with love
I keep myself faithful and loyal to God & to my husband
I  am honest even when I lie I feel guilty
I have being inspired by some
I save money for rainy days
I have got time for my home & extended family
I have a large heart for forgiveness
I give my inner womanhood the opportunity to grow & develop.

Tag and share with a woman you know who possess atleast one of those listed above.



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