DAY 16 – Be There When Your Partner Is Sick

Anne Nwakama

Day 15 of the 30days challenge.

A major feel of couple oneness is when you are challenged with the responsibilities of taking care of your spouse in sickness; on your wedding day you took a vow that you will be there in sickness and in health, that vow is to help us keep in mind that it is not just when it is rosy  but when there is need to be there for your spouse; you are meant to keep this vow which portrays how true your love could be. [KNOW the 20 Bad Habit Syndrome that can lead to a break – up].

Quote – When you violate the vows of your marriage not being there for a sick spouse, it kills that spouse – Anne Nwakama

Quote – What kills a married person fast is lack of care from their spouse – Anne Nwakama

Quote – Your sick spouse needs your touch and kind words of encouragement than the drugs from the hospital – Anne Nwakama

Quote – Show your love true kindness – Anne Nwakama

Quote – If you find a recovering sick person, behind them is a patient heart lightening the load – Anne Nwakama

Quote – I want to be sensitive to your request this season – Anne Nwakama

[12 MUST READ Reasons Why Partners Cheat].

None of us pray for sicknesses but the truth is sicknesses comes in four (4) forms :

  1. Physical Sickness : Its the kind you see and feel, it may shift from minor to major, there are some couples who cannot stand each other in physical sicknesses which may eventually either downsize the feelings they have for each other or even take away the love you felt for one another; this sickness could be tuberculosis, HIV, cancer and many more , you need to be wise enough to know what a physically challenged spouse needs; they need your attention, care and love than anything you can imagine. [INTERESTING ARTICLE to Understand the silent break up].
  2. Mental Sickness: This is a mental disorder which may occur gradually to a higher level of mental disorder, it may start with their feelings being interfered to the extent of drafting a certain way of thought and behavior which may later come to play. It is good for a spouse to notice if there are some things changing in the lives of their partner because this mental disorder happens gradually; I have seen a scenario where a woman was planning on how to murder the husband because he cheated on her and she mentally drafted it and put it to play, Emotional sickness can lead to a mental illness that could lead to addictions, psychological issues and mental drain ; if the spouse had noticed some mental illness it could have been worked on earlier. [READ steps on how to cope with men who run hot & cold].
  3. Emotional Sickness : Emotional shattered makes one lose his or self esteem, it is caused by the attitude of the spouse in this context, if you have a partner who complains of everything, judge you, condemns your efforts, threatens, traumatise you, betrayal, put you through hardship, failure, breakup, violation, shame, guilt, sorrow  and make life very unworthy for you. This is the most dangerous kind of sickness because it is not seen but only felt at the first stage, it could lead to other types of sicknesses like the mental, spiritual and physical types. You should ensure that your partner is emotional stable in your relationship at all times even if they feel very insecure It is your job to oversea them with the steps we would be talking about below. [Click to read the 10 Tips to reduce insecurity in your relationship].
  4. Spiritual Sickness: This type of partner lose themselves spiritually, they lose the connection they have with God probably base on some difficulties, life issues, pains, lack of joy,  and many more, when you have a partner who suddenly start losing interest in God or things of God, spiritual sicknesses causes spirit this is the best time they need you stand in gap to seal your partner’s connections with God using bible scriptures, encouraging words, support your spouse with prayers; praises and worship. [USEFUL article on Godly men & their desires]

Some spouse are faced with all of the above sicknesses while some are faced with few but need their spouse’s support to overcome. There are likely ways that a spouse could help the other fight those sicknesses; break out of them and recover as healthier as you expected:

  1. Know the kind of sickness your spouse is suffering from.
  2. Determine you want to support your spouse to become better.
  3. Show care on how they feel; if it means to hold their hands and console them please do so.
  4. Prayer along side with your spouse for total healing; pray until total restoration takes place.
  5. Visit a doctor, a therapist or a certified counselor which depends on the kind of sickness they are suffering from.
  6. Speak words of encouragement to their live; at that time those words feels like the oxygen that sustain their live. This words would be very powerful to lighten the load they are carrying.
  7. Be helpful to their needs; they may feel they need something and you are the only one that can do it for them, just because they are sick find it in your heart to try and do it for them, it is one of the best way to help a sick person recover healthy.
  8. Keep your mind close to your spouse when they are sick, know that you are the closest person who should be there for them in time of need. [KNOW the 4 Signs You Are A Side Guy].

Quote – There is no shame in helping someone you love in sickness – Anne Nwakama

Quote – Share God’s type of faith with your spouse  – Anne Nwakama

Quote – Protect your spouse from the world – Anne Nwakama

Quote – Pray for your spouse often in time of distress – Anne Nwakama

Quote – Sickness time is the time to honor your vows – Anne Nwakama

Quote – If you have not lose hope then stay stronger together – Anne Nwakama

Quote – Good couples overtake their fears in the race of life – Anne Nwakama

Remember health is wealth and when your spouse is sick be there for them to recover quickly; show your spouse true love, patience and kindness.


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