DAY 1 – Build a Love Bond With Your Partner

Anne Nwakama

It’s a bit difficult to build love bond when you are just meeting but as time flows you also flow in the same direction to connect with your mate. This is one of the best moment to understanding what your partner likes and what they do not which could bring out some of your differences ; you are not supposed to panic when misunderstanding happens;  just be in control of the situation which naturally help you both understand each other.


Bonding is a powerful glue to every relationship, have you ever asked yourself when partners break up why do they find it hard to break off at heart? The answer is the bond they share was very strong.

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For couples or partner to glue what they share, they should be determined to build common bonds in their relationships or marriages; the more different bonds you make the better for you both to stay stronger. Some couples have very strong bond but unable to grow it probably base on some situationship like quarrels, cheating, lies, unfaithfulness. The points below will surely help you build wonderful intimacy if you are willing to rekindle your bond or for those who really don’t have an idea what this bond does; read and practice the below points.


  1. Create a bond or bonds : It is better to pick very interesting bond for both of you, it could be a game like football, a song, watching movies together, love languages and so on.

2. Implement the bonds : This is the time to implement those love languages like saying ” Anything for you mylove, we represent love, love you to a fault and many more”; this also balls down to football, you both love to watch football together and discuss interesting moments.

3. Be flexible to change bonds : If your partner is not flowing in one bond it is good you are observant enough to switch to another bond that suit you both.

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4. Continue to grow the bonds : Bonds are not meant to be stop they are meant to continuously practice so as to tighten the bond among yourselves.

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You need to bookmark this page to constantly read this point to guide you, this is DAY 1; Stay tune for the rest of the 30days of the 30Bs ‘ – Be YOUR Partner’s BRAND Challenge.


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