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3 Mistakes Women Make in a Relationship I Relationship Secret – Anne Nwakama

Alot of women has made some mistakes in their relationship and find it so hard to turn back the hands of time. I have also once being a victim of this mistakes.

Some women send me a mail stating issues caused by their men which ends a beautiful relationship they try to build; the first thing i access is the woman and after listening to their story i made it clear on the kind of mistakes they made that put the relationship to that state of mind.
In essence, There are 3 mistakes women make in a relationship they need to avoid.

The knowledge would help you to solve questions like:

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No 1 Mistake to Avoid is:
You gradually decline in appreciating a man: Appreciating a man is not for a season, it has to be continuous. Every man want a woman who is supportive and encouraging, what ever it takes do not let the issues you go through make you lose yourself not to appreciate him as your man. Take note of the error and rectify in your relationship.
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