Celebration of the 2 Years of the Blog : www.anne-pearl.com & Launch of the Online Audience: Heart to Heart TV

The Day is here

We would be celebrating the blog : www.anne-pearl.com and launching the YouTube Channel: Heart to Heart TV on the 30th Sept. 2018… @Shoprite base on invitation. We would only be spending one hour there and if you are part of this platform and wish to attend DM me or inbox me… Please if you get the invitation dont come late. No African Time.

Here is the link:

We would be streaming it LIVE on YOUTUBE so you can watch. Please join us, we would be having meaningful discussion and networking.

Am specially inviting you all on the Whatsapp Group : Heart to Heart Forum who has been so supportive helping others solve their issues; suggesting way out to make many relationship take a better shape; to make someone’s marriage better. I sincerely and humbly want to say thank you and waiting to meet you all.

Love you all.
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