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Singles assumptions define love relationship
Anne Nwakama

Most times alot of single ladies or guys tend to assume what the other is thinking in their mind, assumptions are not real and you can’t know or be so sure on what the other is thinking, relationship and marriage are too ball games; in relationship you can tossle and leave; it’s a game of either you win or you lose but in marriage its a no games of whether who wins or who lose; it takes alot of care to win together and it takes a lot of carelessness to lose together which balls to my advise; you shouldn’t assume or act desperate to the other; let it flow and let the man leads in the relationship; it could be you or it may not be you don’t feel bad after all because God is the one who is the best match maker, if it doesn’t work with A ; it will work with B and if it doesn’t it will work with C… just let him lead in the relationship.

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