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3 steps to follow when you know your date is married I Relationship Secret -Anne Nwakama Heart to Heart TV

in our previous video clip we discuss on the signs to know if your date is married; if you have not watched that video please click link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUIrVq1xcnc&t=28s to watch it. It is not wise to date a married person and expect him or her to give you most things you want in a relationship, he or she is committed to another partner. This clip is for those who don’t intend dating a married person, probably they were lied to by the other partner or they did so out of ignorance and really wish to snap out of such relationship.

I gave 3 steps to follow to help you quit this relationship and feel less hurt:
1. Admit your mistake: Admit this is your mistake, you made that mistake to date someone who is married, you weigh the effects and agree that you really do not want such for your self. it is only when you admit this mistake you can move to the next step.

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