50 Valentine Day – Quotes | Messages | Cards For Your Loved Ones

50 Valentine Messages Quotes Cards
Anne Nwakama Quotes

Here are 50 Valentine Day – Quotes | Messages | Cards For Your Loved Ones


This is 2nd Edition of the previous one written….

Copy Quotes | Messages | Cards with writer’s name and send to them or you could post on a frame and send to them as a symbol of your celebration of valentine with them.

  1. Since i met you the happiness you have brought into my life has become a soundtrack to my world. I cherish you always for being there – Anne Nwakama.
  2. Thank you for being part of my life, its being so amazing having you in my life; in any other life i want to meet with you again, you are one in a million – Anne Nwakama.
  3. Today is Val’s day, the feelings is so sweet; please be my Val today, no matter what we have gone through i would always be your val. Happy Valentine to us baby – Anne Nwakama.
  4. I see myself lucky to have you by my side, i want you to know i would always stay by you and never let you go, you are my truest love; happy valentine dear – Anne Nwakama.
  5. If i had lost you it would have being my worst mistake, am holding onto you forever and would always appreciate the love we share – Anne Nwakama.
  6. I and the kids want to use this opportunity to say thank you for being there for us, we have 3 special words for you… WE LOVE YOU NOW & FOREVER – Anne Nwakama.
  7. The distance between us has not changed how i feel about you, today is lover’s day and i would always share special moment with you alone even at a distance. I miss and love youso much – Anne Nwakama.
  8. Despite all the mistakes i made in the past, your presence has wiped off all the mistakes, tears and hurt and has replaced it with so much happiness – Anne Nwakama.
  9. All i want you to know is that you worth every thing in my life, i cant replace you with nothing and I mean it. – Anne Nwakama.
  10. All i ever wanted was to find true love but you showed me true love with no boundaries. Your simple life create a pool of love in my heart; I remain loyal to you my soul mate – Anne Nwakama.
  11. For your support and care, i want this special day for you to be remembered, from the first day we met till now i don’t have all the record of the love you have shown me but I want you to know that i would always love you with my life – Anne Nwakama.
  12. You amaze me with the kind of heart you portray, there is none like you, you are my everything – Anne Nwakama.
  13. Your thought drives me nut, everyday of my life your love remain fresh in my memory, you are all i would always need in my life – Anne Nwakama.
  14. Whenever i remember the way you smile, i just feel everything would be fine immediately. I love you for renewing my heart with lot of smiles – Anne Nwakama.
  15. You have never giving me any reason to have sleepless night, i would ever remain by you for giving me true peace of mind – Anne Nwakama.
  16. We get so busy that we don’t have time for each other than to work hard for our home, know that you are the most precious to my life, i remain your love forever – Anne Nwakama .
  17. I may not known you so much, i may not know a lot about you, i didn’t know love until o met you all i can tell you is that am so deeply in love with you – Anne Nwakama ..
  18. I do not want you for your body structure, sex, fame, wealth or any material things, i want to remain with you for your dignity and love towards me. I love you honey – Anne Nwakama ..
  19. My prayer is for God to keep our love intact and forever am so happy i found a soul mate in a friend – Anne Nwakama. SHARE the valentine video clip with your loved ones.
  20. If you ever can count monster seeds then you would be able to count how much i love you but if you cannot count then you know my love for you is not measurable but REAL – Anne Nwakama.
  21. The sweetest, loving, caring, mentor, father, mother, sister, brother, best friend have ever had is YOU, Happy Valentine’s Day – Anne Nwakama.
  22. All the quarrels we have had for the past months please forgive me and let it go, your love still stand strong in my heart, lets leave all in the past and renew our love now and forever – Anne Nwakama.
  23. Whenever i remember the song thang attached to our love, my heart melt. I appreciate everything about you – Anne Nwakama.
  24. God gave you to me because he knew i would not have gotten any one better than you – Anne Nwakama. You can rekindle the bond with this sweet love video.
  25. Your thought rings in my mind every second no matter where i am, it would not have being anything but LOVE – Anne Nwakama.
  26. Life without you would be like a coconut without water, thank you for filling up my life with you.
  27. Loving you was my choice and my choice remains my happiness – Anne Nwakama.
  28. From the moment i met you, you told me you loved me and i believed you and showed you same thing, you have proven to me that your love is real, mark today because i would forever love you and not go back on my words – Anne Nwakama.
  29. The excitement of having you in my world has made me to never stop being happy, you have made me a proud mother or father. I love you darling – Anne Nwakama.
  30. The way you made my life changed and turn our home to Christ is worth appreciating you for, i pray God continue to shower our home with much love and peace – Anne Nwakama.
  31. I remain faithful to a loyal and happy partner God gave to me, i want to use this lover’s day to let you know you mean so much to my life – Anne Nwakama.
  32. For all the times we fight, play, laugh and cry i want to appreciate you for your patient and love towards us, i love you and would always do – Anne Nwakama. [ CLICK to read fresh beautiful quotes on LOVE.]
  33. You have worked so hard for us, just to make us happy, just to ensure we are okay, sweetheart i love you for all you have done and i pray God blesses all you lay your hands this season – Anne Nwakama.
  34. I may not have diamond or the best gift to give to you today but all i can give you from my heart is to let you know that i cannot do without you but love you till the end of life – Anne Nwakama.
  35. When i felt the whole world would crumble you gave me words of encouragement that i have lived with till today, i love you beyond measures – Anne Nwakama. [ 10 SUPER TIPS to keep a healthier and happier relationship.]
  36. All through my journey of life, you are the best thing that has happened to me, i would always love you – Anne Nwakama.
  37. Despite you are mine i still have fear of losing you, i do not want to lose you but keep you by myside forever – Anne Nwakama.
  38. For everything you went through because of me, know that i cherish all and would stick by you now and always – Anne Nwakama.
  39.  Your love gave my life a meaning, thank you for being part of my life – Anne Nwakama.
  40. You understand the ways to keep us at peace and happier, you are unique and always loved by me – Anne Nwakama.
  41. There is nothing as special to me as you on this special day. You remain my special – Anne Nwakama.
  42. Since i met you years back the feelings remain the same, i pray as we grow older the feelings would continue to grow stronger. You are the best – Anne Nwakama.
  43. Over the years, you have made every moment special to us, today i want you to know how much you mean to me and how much i would keep making every moment special for us – Anne Nwakama.
  44. The moment it clocked 00:00 i couldnot sleep because i want to be the first and number one to wish you a happy valentine’s day just to signal the love i have you remains the first and number one – Anne Nwakama.
  45. This is our first valentine, you make me feel like i was just born into the world of love, i want to appreciate you in my life and looking forward to spend more valentine with the one i sincerely love – Anne Nwakama.
  46. I feel so lucky having you in my life, thank you for your love. I love you – Anne Nwakama.
  47. The kind of love you have shown me is exceptional and i pray God groom our love forever – Anne Nwakama.
  48. If anyone ask me what i value and care for most, the answer is no one but YOU – Anne Nwakama.
  49. There is nothing worth quantifying a true lover, i love you much more you can imagine – Anne Nwakama.
  50. Your understanding and patient keeps me on in life, you made the world a better place for us, the only way i can pay you back is to remain loyal in love, thank you my life partner for completing me and not compete – Anne Nwakama.

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