5 Ways To Start A New Relationship After A Breakup

new relationship heartbreak breakup healing recovery redefine warning happy
new relationship heartbreak breakup healing recovery redefine warning happy
Anne Nwakama

Many client ask me Anne, how do you start a new relationship after going through a break up, some who have been through this can testify that it is scary, someday will share my story and how i got totally healed and more specific on what i wanted on my YouTube Heart to Heart TV:


For today, i will only brief you on certain steps to guide you to start a new relationship living your past behind like nothing had happened:
1. Let the past lie in the past: The past might have ended bad but it doesn’t have any impact on what the present or future holds, so let it go. Not letting it go may cause you to lose a potential happy relationship with someone else.
2. Make sure you are healed: this applies to those who have healed. If you are still struggling to heal from a break up please don’t date yet, make sure you are able to do away with the past and even when you are speaking about it; you can’t get emotional about it but laugh. Please make sure you are totally heal before trying someone new.
3. Make yourself available to meet new people: New relationship don’t fall from the sky, make yourself available, find a new interest, attend events and stay happier like you have never being. You will attract so many then you can weigh which to say Yes to before you date.
4. Don’t rush into dating but define first: Probably because it’s being a while you had a relationship; don’t get yourself into any kind of relationship you ought to not even be in. Don’t say because you feel love then the other is sincere about being in love with you. Let your relationship be define.
5. Before you commit to the new relationship, be sure you are with that person for the right reasons: Your instinct must tell you somethings, work it out before you decide, don’t ignore warning signs when you see one; it is better to be on your own than to be with the wrong person. When the right one comes along. You’ll know.

Hope this four point would really help you start up a beautiful and new better relationship. If you know other people it could help. Tag and share it with them to help them.

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