5 Steps to Follow When Your Partner CHEAT on You

2016-11-26-18-01-33It is crucial you take the four steps below if you find out that your partner is cheating on you, some individuals cloud their mind with the pain and hurt then let go of the relationship, before you think to give up:


  1. Understand the reason why they cheated: A lot of partners cheated on so many reasons; we have 12 MUST KNOW reasons why partner cheats , click to read then sincerely have a good face to face interaction with them to know the particular reason why it happened.
  2. Re-think if you want the relationship or not: At the point you find out that your partner is cheating you may not want the relationship again and within a period of time, you may want your partner back, that’s why you don’t make your decision at the point of anger, hurt, paind and depression, take your time to have a re-think if you want your partner back in your life.
  3. Free discussion on what your partner wants afterwards: You need to know your partner’s want afterwards if your partner wish to continue with the individual he or she got involved with or your partner want you back, if your partner want the individual please be strong enough to let go so you can find someone who will adore and appreciate you but if your partner confirm that they want to do away with the individual, please assist to develop good strategies that could assist your partner stay off the individual.
  4. Readjust spotted lapses by your partner: You need to readjust in the reason spotted by your partner, it may not be easy to do this alone, do not gossip with friends or family about your partner’s shortcoming instead you can consult a counselor who will guide you more to achieve this steps
  5. Involve God:  Don’t forget to involve God who is the beginning and the end, always pray for the spirit of wisdom, patience and restoration of joy with your partner.

Do not give up easily on love, give it a trial until you know there is no way anymore, your strength in downtime may either make your partner nor destroy your partner more.

I pray God give you the Grace and Strength to assist your partner be a better person .

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Anne Nwakama

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