5 Major Mistakes Singles Make In Attracting A Wrong Partner

Anne Nwakama

The article came up due to some emails i received recently on the thought of some individuals who feel they keep meeting a wrong  partner, a lot of singles have faced and still facing so much hurt in their singles world due to past mistakes they have gone through, most of these singles have wasted a lot of time and years with certain partners who they know they are unable to cope with or probably they know there is no future with such partner, this partner have long waited for their partners to change so that the partners can fit into what they desire in life. [DONT MISS BUT READ the 15 Mistaken statement you should never say to a man.]

E-mail Received : Am tired and fed up of guys, everyone i meet act almost the same, there was a time i got thinking if i was the issue, they all cheat, lie a lot and just after my money. I feel bad each time i think of it. I concluded i was destined to meet wrong men in my life because i have not gotten it right till now, teach me steps to get the right man please .

When i received this email, the first thing that came to my mind was to write to her that its not the men that are wrong, its her decision of choice that is not set right. I made her understand why she needed to know the mistakes and work on herself to build a better life and attract the man of her choice. [READ INTERESTING 15 Mistaken Statement why some men cannot keep a good woman.]

The 5 mistaken reasons why singles keep attracting a wrong partner are :

  1. Desire & Prayers : Some singles really dont know what they want from a partner, some do know but dont have the right pirorities of the kind of partner they desire, i once asked a lady, what do you want in a man and she said i want a rich and caring man, how about if he is an armed robber, a 419 or a ritualist, would you say you do not mind? It is mandatory not to make the kind of mistake. You cannot only set your desire on the kind of partner you would appreciate without involving God, the bible says in Mark 11: 24 Therefore i tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you received it, and it will be yours. Place your desire on the kind of partner you want unto God and God would not fail you.

    Anne Nwakama
  2. Fear: Afraid of being alone, all your friends are married and you are just the one left so you need to hook up or probably you have fear to commit to a partner, even when you have meet the right one you find it so hard to trust and stick to one partner ; you keep accepting new partners and end up putting yourself in more state of confusion and fear, try to deal with fear, one who fears to commit would definitely find difficulties to build a home because building a home is about commitment.
  3. Impatient : You know within yourself you lack patient, you are impatient with everyone and everything around you,  you hardly listen but good at talking more and unable to control your anger, what do you think would be happening to your partner when you prove all this to him or her, he would also groom himself or herself to be impatient with you and never to tolerate you, be mindful to exercise patience before reacting to situations most times. [MUST READ – Quick to Listen, Slow To Text and Slow to Anger.]
  4. Complete not Compete : Some singles sees their partner as their competitor, if he or she does not call you at a specific time, you wont also call, if he or she is not going to give you tangible thing you would not also give, if he or she talk to you in a manner you do not like you would also talk to him or her the same way, having a partner should not be base on competition, it should be base on completing each other.
  5. Neglect friendship before Intimacy : Most singles make this kind of mistakes over and over again, some are attracted to body features, sex, wealth, fame and many others, and forget they need to build friendship first before trying to build intimacy, in friendship you would have an idea if it is what you want or not, some people always say you cannot know because people hide their real self but the truth most times is that you cannot cover lies or fake self for a very long time, stop being in a hurry to go down with intimacy, build wonderful friendship between you both, if its not what you want there would not be need to go into such relationship or marriage. [Types of MEN.]

The mistakes are numerous just to mention the key ones to enable every one reading this article to have a good check on themselves and learn to revise their wrong desires and attitude instead of complaining they are with the wrong partner.

Anne Nwakama

Anne Nwakama

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Anne Nwakama

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