4 MUST KNOW on how to build your self esteem again

annepearlIt is very possible you have been through alot in life and alot of people have stepped on your self confidence, some would mock you, disregard you, lower your self esteem by speaking negative words to you, that you have failed while some would await your failure.[ KNOW THE 10 TYPES OF MEN.]

I have good news for you on certain 4 MUST KNOW you need to recover from such feelings:

  1. Run a check on the reason for the low self esteem: This may be caused by your constant negative attitude towards yourself like being unable to face your wrong or fear within yourself and to other people, feeling like you are not worthy of your state of life,facing bully, being underemployed or unemployed, facing neglection and abuse.
  2. Exercise slow method of thinking : Learn to take it slow in your thought,every one’s mind set has the right and wrong mindset, weigh both before you arrive at the right mindset because only the right mind set would lead you to build a higher self esteem.[READ the 3 Positive ways to split your tears.]
  3. Start working on changing some negative life style about yourself: To improve your self esteem, you would need to start changing some of your life style; if you have an habit of insulting other people when they insult you, remember an average human beings loves revenge either directly or by Karma, build yourself on being calm without responding back with insult or you must have being underemployed which has lower your self esteem, start building your mindset to learn from the job happily while you aim and work towards climbing the ladder of success in your life. [ Learn how to snap out of stubbornness.]
  4. Remain conscious of your new lifestyle: Sometimes you may lose guard and don’t remember you were working on yourself, always have it in mind that you alone can raise your self esteem to the level you desire in your life.

I hope this start changing your life style to build your self esteem.

Anne Nwakama

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  1. A lot of people make one lose hope in their doings, it is very wrong, please write about people to stop tampering with people’s self esteem.
    Do you have a book, I wish to buy please

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