3 Reflection of God’s Kind of Humility

humility kind God reflection quotes
humility kind God reflection quotes
Anne Nwakama

In several bible verses on Humility, God honoured the humble heart and grant them a reward for being humble; The heavenly father want his children to stay away from pride because naturally humility brings about exaltation.  As a follower of Christ humility should be seen in your daily life; in your relationship and marriage because the story of Jesus showed how humble he was despite all the good works, miracles and testimonies God was using him to do.

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True Life Experience – A lady once shared her story with me where she came from a home where she never lacked anything; she knew she got all; she was a born again, she gave to the poor but didn’t want to be found in the midst of the poor, she wanted to be just  among the rich; as you all know a rich man is like honey that attracts a lot of bees; a lot of people want to get closer to the rich man; therefore there came a day when she lost her parent in a car accident and all the parent had were taking away by the bank because of the huge loan the father collected when he was alive. She was left with nothing; she tried looking for help from her father’s friend but there was no way, she also didn’t want to relate with the poor because she feels she is not of that class yet she had nothing; she kept on praying to God for open doors but the doors where shut and one day she had a dream of God telling her that you have to be humble so that I can lift you up; she knew she had that problem then cried to God and made up her mind to follow God’s word’s on humility; then not upto 5 days God sent an helper from the poor to help her; she had nothing for almost 2 years but gained a lot from staying humble.

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There is someone reading this article today that find it so hard to stay humble; they have so much pride that topics like this does not interest them; hear what God says in Proverbs 11:2 – When pride comes , then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. 

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There are 3 reflections of God’s Kind of Humility you should understand; the knowledge would not only help you but it will protect the relationship you have with God and others:

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  1. God’s Humility : God holds onto humility because humility birth obedience and as children of God; even if you say you are holy then you should cloth yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience as said in Colossians 3:12 ; Pride destroyed Lucifer and sent him to hell. God want us to know that he is the true giver of everything; the bible makes us to understand that there are certain lifting that awaits you if you choose his ways; whereever you find yourself in any place in the world; still remain humble to key into the blessings that he has for you for being humble. In 1 Peters  5 : 6 – 7 says humble yourselves then, under God’s mighty hand. so that he will lift you up in his own time, leave all your worries with him because he cares for you.  in the same vein in 1 Peter 5:5 he says clothe yourselves with humility and he opposes the proud and show favour to the humble. Remember God’s words about humility and key into it in your daily life and you do so; it will affect your personal and social humility positively. Interesting article on quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger.
  2. Personal Humility : This comes natural or you acquire it; if you are naturally a humble person; lucky you because staying with God’s commandment about humility will take you to a place you never expected; you will naturally also enjoy your home because you are in control of things like anger, malice, brawling and many others; you scale through disgrace in many occasion; you have got this self esteem yet very humble in dealing with others whether old or young.; in the other way if you observe that a lot of people are complaining or giving you attitude that you are proud or even your spouse is complaining that you do a lot with so much pride then you have to tame it, pride reveals a bad layer of you to others and if you surely get a mirror to look at yourself you may see how pride has actually taking over you; it is not too late to have a change of heart; I use to unconsciously exercise that in the past; not until I realize that it has not helped me in any way at the end of it all I feel embarrass; but when I came across some bible verses on humility I discovered that you are not being humble for yourself or for your spouse but for you to obey God’s commandments. Personally I acquired humility along the line in my life which has helped my whole life; I found peace right before God’s feet; he gave me favour I couldn’t have gotten else where and that’s why I could tell someone today; don’t settle for pride give humility that trial. Read and share the 5 steps to follow when your partner cheat on you.
  3. Social Humility :This is paramount and very effective when you have fulfilled the God’s humility and personal humility; which means it may be effective on his own but not fully effective; like when naturally you know you are not an humble person but you choose to be behave humble due to certain target or environment you find yourself. In this kind of humility; you allow yourself to be used by humility in any form; the society we live in comes with different attitude that could put you off your guard but you have to tell your self that you still want to remain humble in all; Humility is not stupidity it’s just a way to stand on killing pride and giving it all to humility. There are people who wait for challenges or mistakes to come before they get humble; don’t be that person that wait for all these to happen before making a decision to stay humble; I once knew a very proud man who was earning good pay and couldn’t see any reason to relate with the low class; he felt so proud that the low class people who lives around him had to give way; after a while he lost his job because he was too full of himself he didn’t have enough savings because he had so much concern about looking at his best and spending to prove that he is not in that class; after losing the job he was hungry until he had to sell his car; he wanted  to mingle with the low class but there didn’t give him that opportunity he felt bad that he attempted suicide; In essence don’t let what you get or see in the society make you lose focus on who you are supposed to be.

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Quote – don’t settle for pride give humility that trial.   – Anne Nwakama

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