2 Ways To Cope With Denial

Anne Nwakama

Denial is this content is one of the causes of an heartbreak in every humans life, denial has a lot to do with rejection, refusal, withdrawal, avoidance and inability to accept sincere truth about a situation, denial is the easiest way we lie to ourselves.  denial can be explained in two forms: [DONT MISS the 3 Positive reasons to split your tears.]

Short Term Denial : This kind of denial enable the individual  stay aware of the painful situation and willing to hide the situation from the truth, this kind is viewed as short denial because the person affected act faster than expected which assist the individual to fight the syndrome of denial, for example i went for an interview in a particular firm hoping i did well in the interview but unfortunately i was not called back, i felt bad because i had placed my mind on the job, but it was easier for me to let go of the denial since my mind already told me to accept the denial which i did and moved on, after a year i applied with job agents and i was directed to that same company again, getting there i meant the same person who interviewed me last time, before we started the interview i did not want to be rejected again so i took up a lot of courage to put in more best, unfortunately i was not still called for the job, the truth is that i felt so bad for the denial instead of accepting the fact that there maybe a particular  am not doing right.

Long Term Denial : This kind of denial only take a longer period, it gradually starts like a slow killer, It starts within a short period and grow or expand as time passes by, the long term denial starts consciously or unconsciously from the mind and hook itself at a defensive side, its more like a shell where people hide their thought and feelings for a long period of time, this particular long term affects an individual deeply depressing from coming out of lies into reality, which may lead to low self esteem, health issues, financial issues or relationship issues. This denial creates a long time syndrome in ones life, [READ : God can mend your broken heart.]

True Life Story – A young lady was born into a family of 3, she was the most beautiful and the youngest, she was intimidated all the time by her siblings, brutally refused on so many things as a kid; the parent knew but didn’t take caution of it earlier, after 15 years of her life she still feels the same way even worst about how she was born into a bad family, this has affected her relationship with her husband till date thinking if her family can be wicked to her talk more of her husband.[ 4 MUST KNOW ways to deal with your self esteem.]

Think deep, how you ever felt denial in your life ? Did it affects your happiness and your choice in life?

if YES and you still don’t understand how to overcome denial, two (2) ways you can use to cope with denial when it surfaces:

  1. Recognize the Denial : Do not let your ego or thought cloud your mind, try to recognize the stress thoughts, conflict, feelings, bad attitude, pains and recognize where if its a short or long term denial you have caused yourself over the years, recognize the implications it has caused you and how it has negatively affected your choice, check the challenges you face in keeping yourself under the shell of denial, work through all and plan on how to strategize new moves that would help you realize that denial is temporary and should make your mind change from sticking to what your heart desire in life. Further guide this denial from being harmful to your thought or your health. Further determine you really want to come out this situation, because that is the only feeling that can move you to the next stage. [Find out the 7 Ways to solve issues with your partner.]
  2. Fight Denial & Succeed : Make a decision to fight denial anytime it surfaces, control your  emotions and anger in dealing with denial, don’t keep yourself so long into it, the moment you recognize the denial, start to check the errors that made the denial occur, or the causes that made the negative moves keep re-occurring, state facts on possible way out and write your plan on how you wish to overcome this bad situation.  denial that has lead to addiction, low self esteem , abusive relationship or job exploitation, you need to put this two ways into consideration to achieve positive results and succeed.

Most times we come across denial in one way or the other consciously or unconsciously in our daily activities,


Anne Nwakama

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