12 MUST READ Reasons Why Partners Cheat

annepearl071Cheating is one of the causes of break up among partners all over the world, some partners have being through several relationship that they have being cheated on severally, they have thought of being very faithful and loyal to their partner yet they cheat on them; the truth is in every relationship, it is either the partners are open or not to one another, [MUST KNOW 10 Causes of Silent Breakup]. It is crucial you understand the root of cheating among partners;


  1. Mind Drifting: When a partner’s mind start drifting away from its partner, it may lead one or both partners to start cheating.
  2. Unappreciative: when one partner feels his or her effort is not appreciated, it may push the other to give way and try someone else that may appreciate their effort.
  3. Lack of Enough Care: A partner may desire enough care from a partner but the other partner assume he or she is putting enough time and care towards the partner, the moment one of the partner feel lack of it or the other feels he or she is putting in too much, then it may the other start looking out for a another partner.
  4. Attracted by Someone Else: Attraction is a powerful tool that make some partner cheat, probably a partner loves an opposite sex with a particular look like a man once like women with dimples actually his house wife doesn’t have one but when he sees a woman that has he get lost in her. [Click to Read – 5 Handy Tips to stop stucking your partner].
  5. Closeness with another partner of opposite sex: Some opposite sex friends may get so close to your life that you may find it distinguish between them being your friend or lover, this increase intimacy and sexual closeness among the two people not minding if you have your partners or not.
  6. Sex Freak: If your partner is not having sex with you frequently as you desire, you may want more than your partner could offer, the frequency makes you a freak and would want to seek for other partners for your satisfaction.
  7. Poor Intimacy: Your partner is too busy to keep up the real things you cherish to spice up your relationship, this may push your partner to seek for someone who can assist to attain those real things they feel you neglect like some men love to play some games with their partners.
  8. Revenge Moves: Sometimes your partner may get you so angry or abuse your ego and the next thing you feel is to cheat on them to revenge and regain your ego from someone else. [INTERESTING 3 Keys to Quench Anger in Your Relationship].
  9. Boring Relationship: When a relationship become less interesting and unhappy, it suffers so much boring moment, this may make one or both partner cheats by finding excitement out side the relationship.
  10. Lack of good communication: when there is poor communication system among partners, one of the partner may feel the other have someone else they communicate with often that may lead to unfaithfulness.
  11. Refusal to Stop Bad Addiction : When one partner is addicted to a habit that always lead to cheating and refuses to stop such habit, it may lead to continuous cheating; like some men are addicted to drinking which makes them want to make love to anyone at anytime.
  12. Lack of Fear of God: When your partner does not have the fear of God or know the different between things of the God and things of the World then this may make them cheat. [DONT MISS the 1 Rooted Reason Why Relationship Fails].


Understand the reason before you know the steps to follow.

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