10 Ultimate Guide To Good Body Hygiene For Women

Anne Nwakama

Many women really dont pay much attention to some crucial parts of their lives, alot of men and women find it hard to deal with women who are not conscious of their hygiene. [MUST READ – 10 Ways to show respect to your partner].

I had a conversation with a man; He complained bitterly on how his wife that used to take care of herself stopped using roll on for the armpit and since she had her first child she stinks but he is finding it so hard to tell her she stinks but he went ahead to buy few things that would help her but she doesn’t use them, he further complain of her mouth that the mouth odour is more stronger than you can imagine.

He was fed up.

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Another man once wrote on how his wife refuses to take her bath twice in a day, mosttimes she wipes her make up face and rush to bed in the name of how tired she is. He express his dissatisfaction towards her hygiene when it comes to bathing.

A lady once complained to me on how a friend’s hair smells awfully, especially when they sit close to where there is fan, the odour comes out very strong and it frequently occurs even if she changes hair style.

Due to many reasons from different people, i have decided to write 10 ultimate guide for good hygiene for the women.

  1. Keep the virginal clean : Every woman’s virginal secret its natural cleansing that balances the virginal area of the female body, a lot of women buy different fluid or soap to wash the virginal probably to keep it clean or tight, all those things would alter the natural smell of the women’s virginal, i would advise every woman who wish to clean their virginal right to ensure they use water often to clean it up, if you want to also concentrate more on the cleanliness; treat your virginal like your first baby on your body give it the best nutrient once a week, feed it with the best vitamins.  Slice some cucumber into your bathing water, this has its natural vitamin B and K which also assist to reduce the risk of chronic disease to the virginal, there are other fruits that are also very good for the virginal, don’t relent after reading this article, use Google to search for more ways to keep it neat.
  2. Keep your body smell good : Your body smell goes a long way to determine how people would address you sometimes, a woman is supposed to bath at least twice a day, learn to scrub her skin once in a while which would assist to clean her skin well, also ensure you buy body deodorants from roll on to body spray, perfume is optional but the roll on and body spray gives the body a nice flavor. As a woman the kind of deodorants you use should be very mild and enticing. Some women have body odour but don’t know how to go about it, i advise you see a skin doctor who would prescribe the best therapy to ensure this body odour varnishes; am sure  most of this women must have lot different guys because of their body odour . A guy once told me how he met a girl online and how he liked the girl from the conversation at the point they met the first  thing he perceived was her body odour which was terrible but he had to tell her and suggested way out. The question is how many guys or true friend can really tell another friend they have body odour? Please take this very seriously and take your body smell like a serious business, use deodorants daily.
  3. Let the smell of your mouth speak for you: Sometimes this is very difficult for people to stay conscious of their breathe, you may be making a sentence that worth so much but because  you have a bad breathe the listeners cant pick anything from what you have said they just give way to avoid perceiving the smell. Learn to brush your teeth at least twice daily and always brush your tongue well because some people brushes their mouth without the tongue, if you avoid the tongue you would definitely have a smelling mouth. More so try to use mouth wash before and after meal. keep your breathe very fresh always.
  4. Remove Old Hair (weavon or braids) to avoid bad smell : When you make hair and its old, wet because of sweat or rain fall endeavor to remove such hair, wash your natural hair and keep it clean, When a woman hair excrete bad smell, it is a big turn off to people around you and also to yourself, please keep your hair neat always. You don’t have to have money to keep a neat hair, you may wash your hair with shampoo regularly or weekly if not made, it would definitely keep you fresh and neat.
  5. Wash your hands often : A lot of women don’t remember to wash their hands, this is a very important hygiene for women because most do a lot of house chores and office work all together, when you close from work and about to enter your kitchen, please wash your hands well, don’t forget to wash from your wrist also do not forget to look into your nails and remove the dirty particles from your nails, doing so would protect you from germs and other kind of sickness like Cholera or infecting the whole family with Cholera. [ DON’T MISS the Irresistible Scent of a Woman].
  6. Proper cleaning after using the convenience: Every one uses the convenience and have the system they use to clean up, for the women I advise you use more of water when you urinate, please do not include any kind of soap into your virginal, this would disturb the balance in your private part. In addition if you excrete stool try and do a proper clean up behind, it stinks when you cannot clean up the back properly, most times tissue is not enough to clean the back area of the private part, you can use water to clean it up properly.
  7. Keep your feet clean :  Most women feel if you do not have money you cannot do pedicure but you can do it at home locally, a woman who takes care of her feet can easily where open sandals or stretches her legs in the public for fresh air. make use of your internet to see how you can achieve this and spend so less in keeping your feet clean. [ 5 Mistakes singles make in attracting a wrong partner].
  8. Keep extra clean when menstruating : Whether you have heavy flow or not, please ensure you have a thorough bath and wash down there with warm water to reduce any menstrual smell. You should learn to change your pads always so as to stay dry even when menstruating.
  9. Facial Care : Wash your face with mild soap and sponge; this days a lot of women do heavy make up and when they want to sleep they only wipe their face, this could cause a skin breakout. I advise every woman who uses make up or not to wash their face properly and if you have any acne like pimples please visit a dermatologist that would prescribe the best ways to treat your face.
  10. Wear Clean Undies and Clothes : Always change your pants twice a day; learn to once a month soak your pants in warm water and wash them clean, use one bra a day, if you have just 5 pairs of bra, you can wash always so you keep your under wears very neat. Also learn to wear one cloth at a time, keep what you put on very clean.

Try as much as you can to pick the 10 guide on good body hygiene for women, if you really want to keep your man you should always read this and make use of it in your every day life.

Anne Nwakama

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