10 Super Tips To Know in Keeping Your Relationship Happy and Healthy

It is very good you understand the beginning of your relationship,  if the trait of what you want is what you find, mosttimes some of us can smell a bad relationship but we still choose to stay in such a relationship, you mind already tells you ‘it seems you are in for trouble or issues’ but the other side of your mind tells you ‘your partner may change’; people hardly change and always have it in mind that not all relationship must work, most time you waist your time dating the wrong person, it is better you spend less time with the wrong person, cut off non compatible relationship so you  an give room for the right relationship and when you are convince a relationship may be right, I would advise you try the 10 Super Tips to keep your relationship happy and healthier.

  1. Respect : This is one of the most crucial in a relationship,  you need to respect your partner as a person, their profession, future ambitions, time, family and many other things around your partner that makes him or her happier. Learn the easier ways to communicate with your partner.
  2. Learn to say the SPT easily :  Don’t build a relationship that finds it difficult to day sorry, please and thank you (SPT), if you are the one that knows how to say so, try and say it often but if it’s your partner that says it often try your best to learn those three words because it secretly create a happier relationship.
  3. Don’t seek too much attention but more of affection : When you seek for attention you may get it from your partner but it may lack affection, when you try to find both you may be demanding too much, naturally show affection to your partner so that you can also receive affection in return, good relationship naturally practice both without any of the partner requesting for it and if you find yourself getting affection no attention discuss more with your partner on how you both can improve to give attention but don’t expect so much of attention because you are not married yet, keep it cool and stay happier in your relationship.
  4. Stay away from cheating : Sometimes some partners finds it difficult to cope when there partner is away and end up cheating, if you want a happier relationship stay away from cheating on your partner, no partner who sincerely loves you want to share you with anyone that’s why you need to try to be more faithful, if you cant anymore quit and move on, cheating has a way it pierce the heart and very difficult to mend such heart, build yourself to stay faithful. [ Beautiful quote : Don’t cheat on a bad relationship] .
  5. Communicate well : Create good room of communication between you and your partner, even if you are busy you should let your partner know politely, it’s because they love you they want to hear from you, it could also be very crucial you pick that’s the more reason why it’s good you call back when you feel less free, try and give room for your partner to also pour out their feelings to you it’s much easier for someone to let go when they speak that bottle up their mind on a situation.
  6. Create a love thang: Most relationship dont have their play mood or a particular  game, song or play they do together as a love thang between you and your partner, start building a love thang so that you can create stronger bond in your relationship.
  7. Sex is not love don’t indulge in it if you want a happier and healthier relationship : Recent relationships are base on sexual relationship, sex doesn’t keep a man or a woman to stay with you geninuely, alot of partners get tired of sex in a relationship and find it hard to settle down with same partner they have had sex with over and over again, try your best to stay away from a sexual relationship mosttimes it blind you not to see many things in the relationship and takes away your dignity also put your partner to fear of trusting you, some partners may work away when you resist them don’t feel bad, you practically would meet someone who would appreciate your worth and keep you.
  8. Always remember you can’t change your partner : People are born imperfect with shortcomings including you, that’s why it is good you try to understand your partner and sometimes accept them the way they are if you really love them,  learn to control your anger because mosttimes not finding easy to let go gradually kills a relationship, your aim is to build a healthier relationship that’s why you should kill the anger before it kills your relationship. [ Read more on how to stay off a bad relationship and what you should desire in a good relationship.]
  9. Always give what you want to get : Always remember to constantly give what you always to get, when you give good attitude to a relationship a good and wise partner would give you the same and that’s the easiest way to build a happier relationship.
  10. Build a relationship that involves God : When you make God the pillar of your relationship, he would guide it, protect it and give you both the ability to build true love, peace and long lasting happiness.

Alot of partners should know if a relationship is favourable or not to their happiness, a relationship should not be the brain behind your happiness alone, you should have other things you do like your love for God, your job, the exercise you do, your passion and many more, make a relationship just a part of your happiness and when you make use of the 10 Tips listed above, I pray it assist you build more healthier and happy relationship you have always desire.


Anne Nwakama

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