10 Causes Of Silent Breakup

Anne Nwakama

After the reading of the UNDERSTANDING THE SILENT BREAKUP, i would like us to further know the causes of this silent breakup, some partners may really wanted to have break off the relationships or marriages while some may not have wanted it cut off but wanted a refined partner in who they love but due to their partner’s feelings, the partner end up breaking it off suddenly.

After reading this 10 causes of silent breakup you would be able to detect if you are the issue, how you contributed to the breakup or you would also see your mistakes in the relationship and learn from it. [CLICK TO READ the 15 Proven signs that he is not interested].

  1. Disrespect : If you disrespect your partner in any manner either publicly or privately, the worst is you would apologize and your partner may forgive but would find it hard to forget. Its very unfortunate you intentionally disrespect someone you say you love often, you abuse them constantly ; no matter what even if you are angry you should try to let your partner know without disrespecting them. [MUST READ – 10 Ways To Deal With An Abusive Relationship].
  2. Too Possessive : A possessive partner maybe possessive due to his or her past experiences to a new partner, you cannot fully possess a human being; show so much jealousy or what to control everything about them; always remember they are not robot and they also have their thought, it is good to try to protect what you have but when you over do it i bet you that may lead to a gradual detach of one partner to another. Be mindful of how you control, control and control.  5 Handy Tips To Stop Stucking Your Partner].
  3. Constant Cheating : Some partners are good at cheating, if you are not ready for a relationship and you act like you are committed there is this tendency along the line you may fall in love with this person you wish to play and at the end of the day you find yourself not being able to leave, probably your partner might have felt your constant cheating nature and may fill their mind with thought to let go. Cheating hurts and destroys, it pierce the heart of a good partner.Click to READ MORE on 12 reasons why partners cheat.
  4. Accumulated Lies : A lot of people lie to their partners some may lie about who they are not just to gain much respect from their partner but continue in lies in the relationship, if you are unreal about your words how would your partner believe you are real about being in love with them, lies in a relationship diminishes the respect your partner has for you. If you are good at lies let me inform you today your partner is not comfortable with you and you need to start working on your mindset to be straight no matter how hard it is; because lies could make you lose the one that loves you so much.  [Click to READ The 5 Tips To Fight Suspicious Mind].
  5. Indecisiveness : Some people are naturally indecisive, its very difficult for them to make a decision and stick to their decision, not every one can deal with this attitude, this attitude may drop your partner’s confidence in you. the trust may start shaking which could affect you both and slowly the one unable to cope would start withdrawing. It is crucial to always try to stay decisive that is to be in charge of your decisions.
  6. Frequent Misunderstanding : Misunderstanding is normal at the first stage in a relationship so as for understanding to set in; but if the misunderstanding does not bring understanding instead increases the rate of misunderstanding partners encounter, this is quiet frustrating and may make one or both partner feel they are not compatible. This usually occur and affect the Ego of one or both of them not being able to compromise, say sorry or appreciate one another.  If it must work there would be compromise, easy to say sorry and appreciate themselves as partners.
  7. Unable to Detach From Past Experiences : Some partners have not cleared their mind and heart off what they went through in life, it hunt them to their bones and feels the new partner may behave the same way, some may still want their former partner to return to them. if you have not detach from your past experience prepare your mind you may lose this good loving partner you have because they would definitely feel it. Sometimes you isolate yourself for no reason and put your partner in a terrible state of mind. WATCH IT .   Download free ebook on 10 Mind blowings ways to deal with Heartbreak on your phones, laptops or ipads, its easier to read and i hope you would leave your testimonies as you read this book.
  8. Terrible Communication system : Some partners can call you till death, if you trust your partner and you call twice don’t let your mind start playing a fast one on you, learn to be patient; wait they would definitely call you back and a good partner would surely do as soon as they see your call; while some partners don’t know how to call at all, they could stay for days without calling who they say they love and they end up claiming that they are busy and sorry. Communication shows you care, lack of good communication is displeasing and may make your partner find care else where.
  9. Unforgiveness : When you find it hard to forgive your partner when they offend you, then you may find it hard to keep them; forgiveness is paramount to a peaceful relationship, some would agree they have forgiven but still end up judging their partner in their mind which may lead to a breakup. pilling of wrongs for someone you love isn’t really love; if God can forgive you as many times why would not you forgive someone you love as many times as possible. Some of us find it easier to forgive our relations when they offend us but find it more difficult to forgive our partners we claim to love. May God guide us right always. [MUST READ 3 Positive Ways To Release From The Shackles Of Unforgiveness].
  10. Loss of future plan for the relationship or marriage : Some partners may set misplace goals and objectives that they felt may work for the relationship or marriage and at the end of it they are unable to meet up then the other partner gets disappointment and may want to let go. True life Experience – A man plan to marry a lady in 1 year but the lady was already planning all the wedding moves with much happiness not until the man felt he wanted to take more time for some certain reasons; the lady went to meet different people and discovered that he was drifting off the plans because he felt hooked when he was not married yet. [10 Signs Of Feeling Insecure In The Relationship].

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There are numerous causes of a silent breakup; all listed above are a few crucial ones which when it occurs partners may sense it but may not be sure it is the reasons why the relationship or marriage could not sustain the test of time.

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Learn to understand the causes of the silent breakup before the break up occurs.

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